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Sundays at 11am

592 Broadway, El Cajon, CA

About Refuge Church of Freedom

See what we’re about, what our mission is, who our pastors are, what we believe, and how we operate.

Fellowship vs. Membership

Check out our fellowship approach to “membership”. See how our congregation operates and how to get involved.

Listen to a Sermon

Listen to a variety of messages, on a range of topics, given by Refuge pastors and guest speakers. 

Check Out the YouTube Channel

Check out our YouTube channel for some interesting 3-5 minute messages, spirit-filled music, and Sunday sermons.

Dive Into the Blog

Looking for a little bit more? Check out our blog for a range of topics and inspirational messages from a variety of authors.

Donate to Refuge Church of Freedom

We would love to partner with you in carrying out the mission at Refuge Church of Freedom. All donations are tax-deductible.